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 Title:               Konzert für Hannes

 By:                  Jeb Bishop,  Matthias Müller, Matthias Muche

​ Released:       2017

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 961-2

 EAN:               5906395187218

 Price:             12 EUR

Konzert für Hannes album cover

The music presented here was originally supposed to have been a quartet concert, including Johannes ("Hannes") Bauer in addition to the three of us. Matthias Muche and Jeb Bishop had played together some months before in the Spinifex Maximus project, and Matthias Müller and Jeb had met a few years previously when Jeb was in Berlin for a visit. Muche and Müller had an existing duo, "MM2 Session", and the idea was to add the "JB2" duo of Hannes and Jeb to make a quartet, "MM2 + JB2".When we planned the concert, we knew already that Hannes's health was declining, but we were all hopeful that it could happen nonetheless. Sadly, not long beforehand he let us know that he would not be able to be a part of this performance.As it turned out, the day of his passing, May 6th, 2016, was the date of the concert. So, of course, we dedicated the concert that evening to him, his memory, and his music.And this recording of that performance is thus also dedicated to the memory of our colleague and friend, Johannes Bauer, a great trombonist and one of the most distinctive voices in improvised music.

- Matthias Muche / Matthias Müller / Jeb Bishop

1. 07:39
2. 06:07
3. 09:03
4. 07.59
5. 07:40
6. 07:09



Jeb Bishop - trombone
Matthias Müller - trombone
Matthias Muche - trombone


live at Stadtgarten Koln on May 5th 2016

What the critics say:

Konzert for Hannes (Not Two MW 961; Poland) Featuring Jeb Bishop, Matthias Muller and Matthias Muche on trombones. Although there is a long history of inventive trombonists in jazz in the US, Europe was often the place where the most adventurous trombone pioneers have emerged. Consider Paul Rutherford, Albert Mangelsdorff, Wolter Weirbos and Gunter Christmann… And then there were the two Bauer brothers, Connie and Johannes Bauer, both members of Doppelmoppel and both amazing! This set was originally planned with Johannes Bauer as a fourth member but sadly Mr, Bauer was ill and passed away the same night that this set was recorded. Hence this disc is dedicated to him. Longtime founding member of the Vandemark 5, Jeb Bishop recently moved to Boston and seems to be keeping a higher profile. Trombonist Matthias Muller’s name did sound familiar to me and it turns out that we list his name on some ten different discs in our database on labels like Neos, JazzWerkStatt and Creatuve Sources. The other trombonist, Matthias Muche, also turns up on several discs from labels like Red Toucan, Clean Feed and Moers Music.
I recently reviewed a new CD from the late trombone master Paul Rutherford which featured solos, duo and a trio. It was/is an amazing effort, so I am in the mood to hear more trombone explorations. Also hearing Steve Swell on two new Cds by Jason Hwang and Bobby Zankel, shows how far the trombone has come into it own. This trio effort is also something else. This is a trio in which one member will start with an idea or repeating phrase and then the others join him with assorted dialogue or repartee. All three of these trombone players are well matched and do a fine of listening and interacting sympathetically. Even when they quiet down to a whisper, there is an incredible amount of tight tapestry swirling around. What I really like about this is that although all three of these players love to explore a variety of odd sounds on their trombones, this is more of group effort which is never too far out, yet is always musical or compelling of several levels. Although the great Johannes Bauer passed away the night that this concert took play, we can still hear his spirit in the room where three other great trombone players have combined their playing into something equally transcendent. 

- review courtesy of Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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