Title:               Live in Copenhagen

 By:                  Swell / Brötzmann / Nilssen-Love

​ Released:       2016

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 949-2

 Price :             12 EUR


1. Copenhagen Maneuvers

2. Actionable Rhetoric

3. Expressionable Ephemera

4. Persisten Repercussions

5. Last Night Was, For Sure



Steve Swell - Trombone

Paal Nilssen-Love - Drums

Peter Broetzmann - Saxes & Clarinet

Recorded at Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark April 14, 2016

What the critics say:

Album was recorded by three jazz legends – Peter Brotzmann (saxophone, clarinet), Steve Swell (trombone) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums, percussion). All three musicians are the legends of avant-garde jazz. Their expressive and energetic improvisations always have interesting, active and extraordinary sound. High variety of different playing techniques, strong blow outs and virtuosic solos by reeds, drums tremolos, various percussion sounds and timbres, expressive melodies – these elements are just a part of these musicians improvisations. Their original and unique sound, playing style and expressive improvising was created over the years of creative activity. As a trio musicians have been improvising many times. Their improvisations are especially active, energetic, loud and dynamic.


Album has 5 compositions. All compositions are based on collective improvisations. Loud, active and sharp solos, outstanding and marvelous Peter Brotzmann blow outs, dynamic Steve Swell solos are connected with Paal Nilssen-Love drums rolls, tremolos, various percussion elements and rhythms. The musicians improvising is just like in other earlier albums – exciting, expressive, very energetic, active, colorful and contrastic. They try out many different playing techniques, expand the technical abilities of their instruments and show extraordinary and original sound. Even the melodies are absolutely different from each other, all music elements are masterfully connected in one composition. This album is another one opportunity to hear three avant-garde jazz legends improvising together. Active, evocative and virtuosic solos connect with soft, slower and more calm episodes. These contrastic episodes combinations leads to collective improvisations which are the bursts of energy and are full of loud, active and very interesting solos. Innovative musical experiments, special sound effects, extended playing techniques and masterful improvising of three jazz legends create original and interesting sound of this album.

(review courtesy of avantscena.wordpress.com)