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By purchasing any tangible product or downloading digital content from the site, you hereby agree to the following:


  • You are granted non-exclusive use of the products you have purchased from us and may not alter, or sell or otherwise transfer use of the materials obtained from us to anyone other than yourself.

  • For purchased audio and video products, you are granted a Single-User License restricted to three personal electronic devices (smart-phone, tablet, personal computer, etc.) owned by you or under your control, for your use only.

  • No other reproduction, electronic transmission, sharing, or copying of any product obtained from this website in any form, is lawful without the publisher’s prior written permission. See Section 106, United States Copyright Act of 1976.

  • You agree that all the content provided in the products and materials you have purchased from us remains the property of NotTwo Records.

  • Refunds for digital downloads are offered ONLY for in-completed downloads. No refunds/exchanges for finalized downloads.

  • Additional information about our Shipping and Returns Policy is available here.


If you agree to the terms and conditions set forth here, you may proceed with your purchase.

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