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 Title:             Renual

 By:                The NU Band

​ Released:     2022

 Format:        CD

 Catalog No:  MW1028-2

 EAN:             5906395187928

 Price:            12 EUR

Renual by The NU Band album cover


1. A Cat's Game - Lou Grassi (Elgee Publishing BMI)
2. Notewise - Kenny Wessel (NoNotesMusic BMI)
3. Brown Bagging It - Joe Fonda (GEMA)
4. The Unnecessary Correction - Lou Grassi (Elgee Publishing BMI)
5. MGJ - Joe Fonda (GEMA)
6. Snowclone - Thomas Heberer (GEMA)
7. Numerants - Kenny Wessel (NoNotesMusic BMI)
8. West Side Rag - Thomas Heberer (GEMA)



Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Kenny Wessel - guitar
Joe Fonda - bass
Lou Grassi - drums & percussion


on May 16, 2022, at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ

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