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 Title:             Dream Disobedience

 By:                Elisabeth Harnik, Michael Zerang

​ Released:     2020

 Format:        CD

 Catalog No:  MW 1008-2

 EAN:             5906395187683

 Price :           12 EUR

Dream Disobedience by Elisabeth Harnik & Michael Zerang album cover


1. Dream Disobedience (suite)

all music by Elisabeth Harnik and Michael Zerang


Elisabeth Harnik - piano
Michael Zerang - drums


live in concert by Iztok Zupan at Španski Borci,  Ljubljana, Slovenia on March 23rd 2019


Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik seems to thrive in duo settings. Michael Zerang, a Chicago-based drummer, is with her on Dream Disobedience, a live recording made at Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2019. The conversation, unabated for 35 minutes, is rather subdued, Harnik usually initiating each new topic, alternating traditional approaches with more unusual in-the-box techniques while Zerang eschews straight timekeeping for a more reactive role, adding the musical equivalents of ‘Hmm!’ or ‘Uh huh!’ and other encouragements to keep things flowing. The episodic narrative progresses through short lulls followed by bursts of energy, as if small squalls were blowing through, a grand tempest arriving near the end, one final cloudburst before irenic frog croaks and bird songs return, the pond at peace.


Review courtesy of Tom Greenland and The New York City Jazz Record (March 2021)

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