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 Title:             The Purity of Desire

 By:                Ivo Perelman / Gordon Grdina / Hamin Honari

​ Released:     2020

 Format:        CD

 Catalog No:  MW 1011-2

 EAN:             5906395187713

 Price:            12 EUR

The Purity of Desire by Ivo Perelman album cover


1. The Purity  of Desire
2. Bridge to the Soul
3. Love is a Stranger
4. This Longing
5. A Garden Beyond Paradise
6. Music of a Distant Drum
7. The Joy that Wounds
8. Light upon Light


Ivo Perelman - tenor sax
Gordon Grdina - oud
Hamin Honari - tombak, daf, percussion


mixed and mastered at Park West Studios, Brooklyn NYC on January 2020 by Jim Clouse

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