Title:             Streams

 By:                Yuma Uesaka, Marilyn Crispell

​ Released:     2020

 Format:        CD

 Catalog No:  MW 1010-2

 EAN:             5906395187706

 Price :           12 EUR

Streams by Yuma Uesaka & Marilyn Crispell album cover



1.  Meditation 2:46
2.  Iterations I 6:17
3.  Streams 11:085
4.  Capillarity 7:58
5.  Torrent 3:51
6.  Ma / Space 8:59

All compositions by Yuma Uesaka


Yuma Uesaka - saxophone, clarinet
Marilyn Crispell - piano
Chatori Shimizu - Sho (track 6 only)


November 18, 2018 by  Chris Anderson at Nevessa Production Woodstock, NY


To say that pianist Marilyn Crispell, who turns 74 this month, has charted new territory would be an understatement. It would be just as accurate to say she has redrawn maps of old territory. At her hands, the keyboard leaps like a compass gleeful over its sentience, directing notes with the same force of intention that a seafarer would a ship carrying precious cargo. Whether solo or, as in the two discs presented here, in combination with others, she brings a reverent sense of space honed over decades...

"Streams" pairs Crispell with Yuma Uesaka (saxophones, clarinets), whose compositions constitute the set in its entirety. If ConcertOTO was about being in the moment, then this meeting of minds is about connecting moments as one would a constellation: each piece is minimally indicative of its title and, over time, seems to take on those characteristics as if by default. If anything connects the two projects, it’s willingness to move wherever the winds of inspiration blow—this, despite the through-written nature of every melody Uesaka offers on the altar of improvisation. Hence the beautifully contradictory atmosphere at play. The title track and “Torrent” are exactly as they should be. The former feels like water that pools and eddies when blocked by fallen branches; the latter like a cannonball dive. Further dichotomies of description abound in the prophetic tinge of “Meditation”, in which a bass clarinet courts the piano’s deepest growls. Elsewhere, dialogues are pushed to extremes, each infused with equal parts catch and release, before funneling into “Ma / Space”, for which the duo welcomes Chatori Shimizu on the shō (Japanese mouth organ) for an added touch of sunlight through branches.

Review courtesy of Tyran Grillo and The New York City Jazz Record (March 2021)

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