Title:             Dave Rempis, Elisabeth Harnik, Michael Zerang

 By:                Triple Tube

​ Released:      2020

 Format:         CD

 Catalog No:   MW 998-2

 Price :            12 EUR



1. Triple Tube I

2. Triple Tube II

3. Triple Tube III


Dave Rempis – saxophone 

Elisabeth Harnik – piano

Michael Zerang – drums


live in concert by at Tube’s, Graz/Austria on 24th March 2019

Recording in Graz, Austria in 2019 at the club Tube's, Chicago alto saxophonist Dave Rempis and drummer Michael Zerang, frequent collaborators with Ken Vandermark and The Resonance Ensemble, joined with Austrian improvising and classical pianist Elisabeth Harnik to record three exuberant and incredibly informed improvisations: "Triple Tube" I through III.