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Zdzisław Beksiński vol. 1

The volume 1 from Bosz Publishing series of albums with art of Zbigniew Beksinski, presents some of the most important paintings of acclaimed Polish visual arts visionary. The albums also includes introductory notes written by professor Tomasz Gryglewicz, and Wieslaw Banach, the director of the Sanok History Museum. All material presented in this album came from from rom various private collections, and the archives of the Historical Museum in Sanok, famous for world s largest selection of Beksinski s works.

Publisher: Bosz Publishing

Year of publication: 2016

Language: Polish-English
ISBN: 978-83-7576-077-4
EAN: 9788375760774
Binding: hardback with dust jacket

Pages: 144

Number of images: 155Size: 270 x 300 mm

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