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 Title:             That Time

 By:                London Jazz Composers Orchestra

​ Released:      2020

 Format:         CD

 Catalog No:   MW 1001-2

 Price:            12 EUR

That Time by London Jazz Composers Orchestra album cover


1. Watts Parker Beckett to me Mr Riley? (by Kenny Wheeler)                              17:03
recorded at Berliner Jazztage 1972

2. Statements III  (fragment) (by Barry Guy)                                                             17:15
recorded at Donaueschingen Musiktage 1972

3. Quasimode III (by Paul Rutherford)                                                                       14:24
recorded in London (Studio Recording) 1980

4. Appolysian (by Howard Riley)                                                                               14:48
recorded in London, Round House  1980

Line-up for tracks 1 and 2:
Conductor: Buxton Orr
Trumpets: Kenny Wheeler, Harry Beckett, Mark Charig , Dave Holdsworth 
Trombones: Paul Rutherford, Mike Gibbs, Paul Nieman
Tuba: Dick Hart
Saxophones: Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Mike Osborne, Alan Wakeman, Dave White
John Warren (plus doubling instruments)
Guitar: Derek Bailey
Piano: Howard Riley
Basses: Jeff Clyne, Chris Laurence, Barry Guy
Percussion: Tony Oxley, Paul Lytto

Line-up for tracks 3 and 4:
Trumpets: Kenny Wheeler, Harry Beckett, Mark Charig, , Dave Spence
Trombones: Paul Rutherford, Alan Tomlinson, Paul Nieman
Tuba: Melvyn Poore
Saxophones: Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann, Larry Stabbins, Tony Coe (plus doubling instruments)
Piano: Howard Riley
Violin: Philipp  Wachsmann
Basses: Barry Guy, Peter Kowald
Percussion: Tony Oxley (and  violin),   John Stevens

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