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 Title:               Double Heart

 By:                  Cezary Gadzina

 Released in:   2002

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 743-2

 Price :             12 EUR


1. Attention Please [05:32]

2. Obertask [07:31]

3. For Alexandra [07:51]

4. Blues No Escuse [05:51]

5. Mr FL [04:23]

6. My One And Only Love [06:16]

7. Mexican Eyes [11:59]

8. Upgrade Yourself [10:06]

9. Double Heart [07:39]



Cezariusz Gadzina - alto sax, soprano sax

Piet Verbist - bass

Marek Partman - drums


Cezariusz Gadzina is one of the most interesting and creative Polish musicians of his generation. He has been living in Belgium for some years now, where he is highly esteemed musician, not only on jazz scene but also in the world of contemporary music. He belongs to exclusive group of alto saxophone virtuosos who can be traced directly back to phenomenal Ornette Coleman. He has distinctive, expressive and refined sound which, together with his original conception of playing, makes his saxophone sing with a lyrical bluesy feel. He uses his brilliant technical capabilities with restraint, and only when the music requires it, which is feature of the greatest giants of improvisation. “Double Heart” is a generous portion of wonderful jazz in its purest form: beautiful varied compositions, charming in their clarity and melodic content, and a clear acoustic sound, combined with outstanding but not overstated rhythm section. The logic and compact styles of the pieces, the clear expression and the positive vibrations make “Double Heart” one of the best jazz CD I have heard lately. This music shatters any doubts about the future and evolution of jazz. 


(Jarek Smietana)

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