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 Title:               Decade

 By:                  Sorgen / Rust / Stevens

 Released in:   2005

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 762-2

 Price :             12 EUR


1. Black Dome [03:46]

2. The Master Cylinder [03:44]

3. Trialectic [05:40]

4. Ralibar's Lament [02:20]

5. Dinosaur Arms [01:33]

6. According to Hoyle [01:30]

7. Reverie [03:57]

8. The Firmament [04:43]

9. Even Stevens [03:10]

10. Domicile [04:27]

11. Extension Chord [04:48]

12. Pendulum [03:07]

13. Paved with Good Intentions [02:36]

14. Speaking in Tongues [09:04]



Harvey Sorgen - drums

Steve Rust - bass

Michael Jefry Stevens - piano




This is the third album led by master percussionist Harvey Sorgen with this lineup, one of which was augmented by Herb Robertson and Mark Feldman [Aercine on Drimala]. Although it appears to be an all improvised date, it is difficult to tell, since this trio plays so well together. Everything moves with organic grace and that creative spirit. Harvey's consistently inspired drums often start off many of the pieces, presenting an idea that the bass and/or piano respond to and work with, flowing together, interacting and combining forces. What is interesting here is that all but one of these pieces is short, under six minutes, so the trio often play a few ideas, set a mood, never overdoing anything. This doesn't stop them from going too far out, as can be witnessed on "Trilectic", which begins with the mysterious sounds of eerie bowed bass and pluckings inside the piano, yet still sails freely together. A perfect and well-balanced 'piano trio' date in more ways than one.






Drummer Harvey Sorgen, in addition to being a working member of the Fonda/Stevens group, has played or recorded with Anthony Braxton, Jack DeJohnette, Ahmad Jamal and many others. Bassist Steve Rust comes from several generations of performers. He has worked with include Paul Simon, Hubert Laws, Guy Klucsevek, Nick Brignola and Howard Johnson. Pianist Michael Jefry Stevens has established a growing reputation both as performer and composer. His new releases include the critically acclaimed duet CD with Mark Feldman. He has performed and recorded with Dave Douglas, Leo Smith, Ira Sullivan and Charles Moffett. Stevens is a sensitive pianist who ekes out droplets of sparkling gems or volumes of rushing waves having a lyrical foundation and a complex consistency; he constructs vivid imagery by getting into the core or each piece and expounding intuitively with his reconstructions. 


(Frank Rubolino, Cadence Jazz Magazine)


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