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 Title:              Journey to Parazzar

 By:                 Joe McPhee / John Edwards / Klaus Kugel

​ Released:       2018

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 975-2

 EAN:               5906395187355

 Price:             12 EUR

Journey to Parazzar by Joe McPhee, John Edwards & Klaus Kugel album cover


1. Re-hairing in zaporozhye

2. To rush at the wind

3. Without clothes it's a different conversation (let's get naked)

4. Song for Cecil (for Cecil Taylor)



Joe McPhee – tenor sax, pocket trumpet

John Edwards – double bass

Klaus Kugel – drums

Recorded at Metallurgov House of Culture in the Ukraine on September 24, 2017.

What the critics say:

This lbum was recorded by three great jazz masters – Joe McPhee (tenor saxophone, trumpet), John Edwards (double bass) and Klaus Kugel (drums). All the compositions were recorded at the concert in Ukraine, where musicians had been having their tour of the concerts. Three musicians have interesting and passionate playing styles. Their music is always filled with splendid musical decisions, stunning sound experiments, rich, colorful, modern and effective instrumentation and evocative musical language. The music always is based on free, creative, experimental and other avant-garde jazz styles synthesis. Musicians are improvising inventively, free and creatively – they fuse together bright, harsh and contrasting elements and melodic intonations. That makes an effort to thrilling, stunning and bright sound. Trio had been improvised together many times – they are concerting together as a trio or with other famous jazz musicians in various cities, collaborating and preparing various projects. All three of them are active, famous, interesting and original members of avant-garde jazz scene.


The compositions recorded in “Journey To Parazzar” are interesting and expressive. The music is based on bright, expressive and emotional musical language, polyphonic musical pattern and impressive, sensible and effective improvising. The improvisations have stunning and glamorous sound because of many reasons. Musical pattern is based on polyphonic facture, open form, polyrhythmic, polyharmony, also has especially huge variety of unusual timbres and sounds. Dozens of various musical expressions, rhythms, sounds, timbres, chords, scales and other elements are used together simultaneously. Musicians are using their own and specific ways of playing to join all these elements in the most effective and passionate way. The musical facture is based on contrasting musical episodes. They form and keep different and independent layers and sections. Colorful and bright melodic section has energetic, active, loud and independent melodies, which are highly contrasting with each other. Thrilling and furiously fast passages, virtuosic roulades, energetic, harsh, roaring and intense blow outs, bright and passionate solos, splendid and impressive melodies – all these elements gorgeously illustrate whole melodic section and accent the most beautiful and effective episodes of free improvisations. Multi Instrumentalist Joe Mcphee is improvising masterfully, emotionally and expressively. Just like in his other albums, musician is demonstrating and accenting the basic elements of his unique playing style. Specific and innovative playing manner helps musician to create effective and suggestive sound, huge variety of timbres and sounds, and finally – to create bright, intensive, thrilling and marvelous sound. Marvelous and wild fast solos are especially hot, expressive, bright and roaring explosions of energy. These episodes certainly are the most beautiful and interesting episodes of his improvisations. It’s created spontaneously and based on free, evocative and impressive improvising. Double bass improvisations also are effective and vivid. It effects melodic basement and rhythmic section. Vivid, bright, vivacious and energetic solos by John Edwards are played with passion and expression. It’s filled with stunning solos, bright and spontaneous melodies, vivacious, gentle, playful and warm episodes. These episodes are mixed together and grouped along with aggressive, sharp, bright and extremely loud culminations and bursts of energy. Silent, monotonic, rhythmic and static bass line is solid and firm. It makes an effort to rhythmic section – makes it independent, bright and colorful. Harmonic section also is touched – double bass plays the tunes, which are the basic notes of chords and pitches. It states the main harmonic pattern and colors whole musical pattern and sound. The improvisations by two musicians make effective, contrasting, bright, solid and vivacious melodic section. It’s based on impressive and thrilling improvising in the spot, adventurous solos and colorful surprises, sudden changes of styles and innovative instrumentation. Rhythmic section is solid, firm, independent and bright. Klaus Kugel manages to create whole huge palette of different colors, timbres, tunes and sounds, which are produced by combining together eclectic combinations of instruments and sounds. Musician is improvising brightly, expressive and passionate. He has a masterful ability to fuse together enormous amount of different playing techniques, inventive ways of playing, stunning musical experiments, thrilling, hot and especially expressive solos, solid and monotonic beat, different forms of rhythms and provocative musical decisions. All these and many other elements contain solid, firm and bright rhythmic section. The music of this album is totally based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, bebop, post bop, experimental jazz and various light intonations of other modern jazz styles. The music is created in the spot – it has free, bright, spontaneous, dynamic and splendid sound.

(review courtesy of

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