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 Title:              The Mystery Brothers

 By:                 Jay Rosen / Brian Willson

​ Released:       2019

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 984-2

 EAN:              5906395187447

 Price:            12 EUR

The Mystery Brothers by Jay Rosen & Brian Willson album cover


1. Introduction 1:54
2. Brush Groove 5:44
3. Ballad 3:32
4. Bahia 4:50
5. Unity 10:48


Jay Rosen - drums

Brian Willson - drums


by Alfredo Martin at Whitman Hall, Brooklyn College, December 10, 2008

What the critics say:

From The Mystery Brothers, here is a wonderful performance of drum concertos, written and performed by Brian Willson, the great drummer/percussionist/conductor, and fellow master drummer Jay Rosen. The production/recording is nothing short of amazing and pristine. Here's a prime example of how the drums are indeed a melodic instrument. Willson/Rosen explore the instrument's wide array of timbre's and colors, refreshingly different from the traditional and everyday presentation of this instrument, in a beautifully recorded and performed album. This is creativity, innovative drumming and music at its highest level showcasing advanced production, compositional, and technical drum skills.


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