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 Title:             Five Spontaneous Ones

 By:                Albert Cirera / Rafał Mazur / Nicolas Field

​ Released:      2019

 Format:         CD

 Catalog No:   MW 988-2

 EAN:              5906395187485

 Price:            12 EUR

Five Spontaneous Ones by Albert Cirera, Rafał Mazur & Nicolas Field album cover


1. First

2. Second

3. Third

4. Fourth

5. Fifth



Albert Cirera – tenor & soprano saxophones

Rafał Mazur – acoustic bass guitar

Nicolas Field – drums

Recorded live at Alchemia club in Krakow, Poland on 12th of June 2018

What the critics say:

“Five Spontaneous Ones” is out now on “Not Two Records”. Album was recorded by Albert Cirera (tenor & soprano saxophones), Rafał Mazur (acoustic bass guitar) and Nicolas Field (drums). Three improvisers are featured stars of avant-garde jazz scene. Albert Cirera is saxophonist – he has organic and expressive playing technique, impressive virtuosity, wide musical knownledge and unique sound. Rafal Mazur is a guitar player – he fuses together the tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music, basics of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. Nicolas Field is a drummer, who’s dedicated to create bright, passionate and driving sound. Extravagant decisions, interesting combos, rare tunes, exotic timbres, special effects and stylistic allusions – these elements are the basics of his music. All three improvisers are making the first priority to sound experiments, researches of original timbres, expansion of sound comfort’s zone and creation of original, expressive and unique sound. All music is generally based on free improvisations, avant-garde jazz’s roots, the new innovations of experimental jazz and a fusion with contemporary academical and experimental music.

“Five Spontaneous Ones” is filled with expressive, driving and innovative ideas. The music is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Free improvisation and open form is chosed everywhere – that makes an opportunity to improvise without any frames and experiment on all cases of musical language. The musical pattern is brigt, multi-layed and contrasting. Independent melody line, dynamic and explosing rhythmic section, sharp and aggressive harmonic basement and gorgeous background are the main elements of it. Musicians are experimenting on timbral, rhythmic and instrumental section. They don’t hesitate to get on driving and adventurous culminations, fascinating sound experiments or dive in contemplative lyrical excerpts. Wide range of composing techniques is used – repetitive sessions, frantic and perturbating sequences of disonances, meditative and soft series, sonoristic experiments, strange tunes and other elements are brought together with specific and innovative ideas, interesting investigations, pleasant surprises and original stylistic combos and allusions. The musicians don;t forget the roots and basics of avant-garde jazz – they like to burst on adventurous, spilling, thrilling and striking culminations, spontaneous driving solos or suddenly go to silent and relaxing mood. The impression, drive, fantastic playing technique, wide musical knownledge are mixed up to original ideas, innovative point of view, creativity and imagination. Saxophones contain the basic of melody line. It’s sparkling, bright and evocative. Saxophonist Albert Cirera is trying to fuse together dozens of elements to make contrasting and expressive sound. That he manages to do very-well – from silent and subtle pieces he jumps straight on striking, bursting and explosing culminations, blowing riffs, frantic, aggressive, sharp and wild sessions, driving and spontaneous solos, transcendental passages, virageous and gorgeous ornaments and special effects. Bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool, mainstream, contemporary, fusion, free improvisation, sonoristic experiments – that’s the main part of his improvisations, who makes an effort to original, bright and passionate sound. Acoustic guitar’s tunes are dynamic and contrasting. The traditions of avant-garde jazz, the newest innovations of experimental jazz, specific playing techniques, experimental, extended and original ways of playing, moving expressions and some soft tunes of contemporary academical music are mixed up together by Rafał Mazur. Improviser shows his mnasterful virtuosity, creativity, wild imagination and ability to create fascinating, suggestive and driving sound at the same time. The music is changing all the time – it’s vibrant, sparkling and bright, perturbating and frantic, wild, crazy or furious, when it’s suddenly meets silent, sophisticated, relaxing, peaceful and lyrical solos whom also have an effective and interesting sound. All wide range of colors, expressions, playing techniques and strange timbres is used here to create colorful, innovative and driving sound. Acoustic guitar brings life, energy and perturbation to the melody line and many colors to the background. Nicolas Field’s drums section is changing, vivid, dynamic and contrasting. The compositions are constructed from different samples who are fused together to one musical pattern. Hysteric, frantic and wild free improvisations are filled with stable and monotonic beats, vibrant drum rolls, trembling and vivacious trills, terrific and powerful tremolos, animated and moving glissando, gorgeous percussion timbres, complicated and nervous bebop rhythms, extravagant decisions, fascinating experiments and silent pauses. Breaking sessions, driving and perturbating culminations and sparkling spontaneous improvisations are the most effective episodes of rhythmic section – it makes an effort to energetic and bright rhythmic line. All music of this album has interesting, organic and original sound.

(review courtesy of Avantscena)

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