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 Title:             Relight

 By:                Uwe Oberg / Joe Fonda / Lucía Martínez

​ Released:      2019

 Format:         CD

 Catalog No:   MW 994-2

EAN:               5906395187546

 Price:            12 EUR

Relight by Uwe Oberg, Joe Fonda & Lucía Martínez album cover


1. Their Cheeks Glowed 10:31

2. Lighter Than Before 09:40

3. Almost Two 05:21

4. The Sharp Side of It 15:34

5. Relight Years 05:26

6. Triple Relish 03:57


Uwe Oberg – piano

Joe Fonda – bass

Lucía Martínez – drums


at the Just Music Festival, Wiesboden, Germany on February 23, 2019

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