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 Title:            A  UIŠ ?

 By:               Jubileum Quartet

​ Released:     2020

 Format:        CD

 Catalog No:  MW 1005-2

 EAN:              5906395187652

 Price:           12 EUR

A  UIŠ ? by Jubileum Quartet album cover


A  UIŠ ?  45.02


Joëlle Léandre, acoustic bass

Evan Parker, tenor sax

Agustí Fernández, piano

Zlatko Kaučič, drums and objects


live at the Cerkno Jazz Festival in Slovenia in May of 2018.

What the critics say:

This disc was recorded live at the Cerkno Jazz Festival in Poland in May of 2018. This disc is a celebration for Slovenian drummer, Zlatko Kaucic, whose long career stretches back some 40 years. Although Mr. Kaucic is currently 67, I’ve only noticed his playing since the turn of the millennium.                                          
He has worked with a long line of European’s best: Steve Lacy, Peter Brotzmann, Barry Guy and many more. He has organized a great European all-star quartet. This is a marvelous quartet, all four members at the top of their abilities. The music is tight, focused, well-integrated and consistently reinventing itself. This sounds like a group effort with no one person leading, all members integral to the group sound. There is some incredible interaction going on here, often one or two instruments will start a line or string of notes which will soon be connected to another line and completed by a second or third instrument. Extraordinary! There is quite a bit of magical, spiritual, consistently interconnected playing that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG  

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