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 Title:              Solar Wind

 By:                 Robert Dick, Joëlle Leandre, Miya Masaoka

​ Released:      2019

 Format:         CD

 Catalog No:   MW 986-2

 EAN:              5906395187461

 Price:            12 EUR


Solar Wind by Robert Dick, Joëlle Leandre & Miya Masaoka album cover


1.  Whispering of the Stars 3:16

2. Speed of Silence 3:42

3. Chronotype 4:08

4. Pagophagia 4:23

5. Dinoflagellates 2:03

6. Prepsychotic Philosophers 3:33

7. Blue Fugates 3:02

8. Solar Wind 3:53

9. On Time’s Edge 5:11

10. How Old is Your Shadow? 6:06

11. Friends of the Sun 5:10

12. Adiabatic 6:07



Robert Dick: glissando flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, piccolo, voice

Joëlle Leandre: contrabass, voice

Miya Masaoka: koto, percussion​

Recorded September 28, 2018 at Mavericks Studio, NYC by John Epperly

What the critics say:

Here we have three master improvisers from varied scenes, Mr Dick from NY, Ms. Leandre from France and Ms. Masaoka, originally based in the Bay Area but now based in NYC. This session was recorded in a NYC studio in September of 2018. I believe that this is a first time meeting of this particular trio and I don’t recall either of these three working together in the past. The one thing I noticed about many of the gifted members of (elder) Creative Music Scene is that they are often searching for other spirited improvisers to with with. Ms. Masaoka is known for also using electronics and playing an electronic koto, although here she is completely acoustic. Ms. Leandre and Mr. Dick are also acoustic, the sound here is superb. Instead of playing a regular flute, Mr. Dick switches between glissando (or slide) flute, bass & contrabass flutes & piccolo. The second piece, “Speed of Silence” erupts with an explosive opening salvo and is quite intense throughout. Ms. Leandre bows those low, deep notes on “Chronotype” which also includes some more low-end sounds from Mr. Dick’s bass flute and Ms. Masaoka’s bowed or plucked koto strings, the blend is most mesmerizing. There is quite a bit of cross-collaborations going on here, solos into duos & trios, line begun with one instrument which morph right into another instrument. I have always dug when Robert Dick plays that glissando (designed by him) slide flute since, he can & does bend those notes, getting those microtones (or in-between the normal notes), work well with the way both Ms. Leandre & Ms. Masaoka bend their strings in uncommon ways. One of the things I dig most about this trio is that no matter how far out or free one member goes, the other one or two match the sounds and explore together so that they always sound like a marvelous, untied trio. And they do got pretty out at times. OUTstanding from the beginning to the end! 

(review courtesy of Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG)


This session was recorded in a studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where Mr. Grdina lives. “Solar Wind” is out now on “Not Two Records”. Album was recorded by Robert Dick (glissando flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, piccolo, voice), Joëlle Leandre (contrabass, voice) and Miya Masaoka (koto, percussion). Three independent jazz masters base their music on different characters, styles and expressions. All three of them have original and expressive style, rich musical language, wide musical knownledge and ​unique sound. Musicians are the central figures of international free improvisational music and avant-garde jazz scene. They’re collaborating and improvising together with other famous jazz stars and players. Robert Dick is fusing together avant-garde and experimental jazz, the main basics of contemporary academical and experimental music, electronics and some tunes of world music. All his music has remarkable, surprising and inspiring sound. Joelle Leandre’s music is based on the main tendencies of contemporary academical music and free improvisation. Musician has suggestive and innovative playing technique, her improvisations have hypnotising and interesting sound. Miya Masaoka combines together Western Europe and Asian cultures – her music is an organic fusion of experimental and electronic music, the main tendencies of contemporary academical music, traditional Japanese music and free improvisations. Improviser is searching to the link between these different styles and cultures – her music is filled with surprises, sound experiments, interesting, rare or exotic combos and strange timbres.


“Solar Wind” is filled with innovative decisions, sound experiments and original ideas. The music has rich musical pattern and exclusive musical language. A music form is made from classical and open forms. Interesting stylistic allusions are made – the compositions have wide range of styles who are combined together. The basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz, the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, main elements of contemporary academical, experimental and electroacoustic music, noise, world music and the connection of Western European and Asian cultures, especially traditional Japan music, its exotic harmony and instruments. This huge range of sounds, characters, allusions and combos is made here. The musicians manage to find an organic link between all these contrasting and individual styles. Sometimes the music is silent, abctract, absolut or meditative, when it gets glimpsy, light or sparkling, frantic, furious or crazy, with luminous roaring culminations, passionate and expressive melodies or flowing transcendental passages. The instrumental section is organic and succesfully made from the synthesis of rare and exotic instrumental combos, experimental, traditional, specific and extended playing techniques, special effects, ornaments, research of strange timbres and innovative decisions. Flutes and vocal’s tunes by Robert Dick make a remarkable sound of musical pattern. It’s contrasting, bright and dynamic. Soft, subtle and light tunes are changed by shrieky dramatic series, furious and aggressive riffs, passionate and expressive melodies or meditative minimalistic samples. The main elements of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz are combined together with academical music sounds. That makes an effort to evocative, fresh and original sound. Improviser demonstrates his own playing technique, wide musical knownledge, expressive and inspiring style – all these elements makes an effort to innovative, suggestive and bright sound. Sound experiments, special effects, expansion of technical abilities also are very important compounds of musical pattern. Recitations, whispers, spoken elements, modern, dynamic and original voice improvisations bring more tunes, colors and characters to the melody line. It’s the source of energy, stunning experiments and interesting decisions. Robert Dick’s music is moderating from light, soft, childish and low piccolo tunes, lyrical, mid-slow and solemn sounds, deep solos, transcendental passages, gorgeous timbres or silent contemplations. It has effective and inspiring sound. Joëlle Leandre’s deep, dark and heavy contrabass tunes form the bass line of the composition. It’s also a source of energy, drive and special effects. Deep heavy solos are contrasting to perturbating turbulences, vibrant culminations, thrilling striking riffs, expressive and moving melodies accompagnied by strange tunes, special effects and universal vocal tunes. Her music is effective and inspiring – it’s a mix of free improvisation, experimental and electroacoustic music, electronics and the main basics of modern classical music. It has effective, tremendous and exclusive sound. The sounds of traditional Japan music, its harmony, rhythms and instruments are brought in by Miya Masaoka. Exotic and gorgeous koto tunes are gently integrated to musical pattern along with impressive percussion’s section. Sound experiments, all kinds of rhythms related to modern or experimental jazz, gorgeous timbres, multi-colorful pattern, extremely loud perturbating and vibrant energy’s explosions, special effects and innovative playing techniques – all these elements make an effort to original and simply fascinating improvisations of Miya Masaoka. Improviser manages to find the link between traditional Japanese music and the main basics of American avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and experimental jazz. The music of this album is made with fantasy, based on innovative and modern decisions and has a bright and exclusive sound.


(review courtesy of Avantscena)

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