Title:               Broken Partials

 By:                  Matthew Shipp / Joe Morris

 Released in:   2011

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 851-2

 Price :             12 EUR


1. Broken Partials - One [08:57]

2. Broken Partials - Rwo [09:35]

3. Broken Partials - Three [09:47]

4. Broken Partials - Four [07:40]

5. Broken Partials - Five [04:41]

6. Broken Partials - Six [06:07]

7. Broken Partials - Seven [05:33]

8. Broken Partials - Eight [09:31]



Matthew Shipp - piano

Joe Morris - bass


Recorded February 17, 2010 At Roulette Studio, NYC




This dynamic duo features Matt Shipp on piano and Joe Morris on contrabass. Recorded at the Roulette studio in February of 2010. This is the third disc that this particular duo has been involved with, although the other ones featured Joe Morris on guitar. Since Mr. Morris has been switching off between bass and guitar, he has played bass with Matt in both trio and quartet dates. Joe's acoustic bass playing continues to grow stronger all the time so he sounds superb and spirited spinning those notes underneath Matt's layers of cascading waves. In the first piece, Joe is quite a bit busier than Matt, yet the balance is consistently strong. There is a strong dialogue going on, like a familiar conversation between two old friends. Joe switches to bowed bass and kicks off the second part by himself. This piece moves more slowly and the currents are darker and more murky. Joe takes a fine long bass solo during the first half of part three which Matt follows with an equally thoughtful solo piano interlude. Both are solos somber and carefully constructed. Matt often seems to be developing a few different themes, building different layers or currents as the tide rolls in and then out. It sounds as though a story is being told as different connected scenes unfold and evolve into other scenes. There are quite a few moments here that are stunning, lovely or transcendent. I got a promo of this disc in June and have been playing it often ever since. It still blows me away. This is an incredible duo whose time has come. The poetic liner notes by Steve Dalachinsky and stark cover art by Steve's wife Yuko Otomo also fit this disc perfectly. 


(Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery)