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 Title:               Across the sky

 By:                  John Dikeman,  Klaus Kugel, Raoul van der Weidet

 Released in:   2012

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 888-2

 EAN:               5901549185515

 Price:             12 EUR

Across the sky by John Dikeman,  Klaus Kugel & Raoul van der Weidet album cover


1. A screaming comes

2. Across the sky

3. It has happened before...



John Dikeman - tenor sax

Klaus Kugel - drums

Raoul van der Weide - contrabass, crackle box, sound objects


live April 8, 2001 at the Schauspielhaus Bergneustadt, Germany.
Mixed and mastered USM, Darmstadt, Germany.


What the critics say:

Across the Sky is by no means a conventional Jazz session. Yet the presence of German drummer Klaus Kugel, who has played with saxophonists such as Louie Belogenis and Charles Gayle, plus Netherlands-based Raoul van der Weide on bass, objects and crackle box, who gigged with pianist Burton Greene and multi-reedist Ab Baars, puts the CD firmly in the European Free Jazz continuum. Brand New for China on the other hand has Dikeman playing alongside younger Dutch musicians whose background is as much with Punk and Metal as Free Jazz. Although drummer Onno Govaert and guitarist/bassist Jasper Stadhouders have worked with some of same stylists as van der Weide and Kugel, Cactus Truck’s CD defaults more towards super-noisy Rock allusions. (Ken Waxman, Jazz Word)

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