Title:               Now’s The Time / Fire On The Fifth Floor

 By:                  Various Artists

 Released in:   2014

 Format:          SP (7", 45rpm vinyl)

 Catalog No:    MW 903-1

 Price :             12 EUR


1. SIDE ONE: Now's The Time

2. SIDE TWO: Fire On The Fifth Floor 



Sonny Simmons (Side One) - alto sax

Michael Marcus (Side Two) - bass clarinet

Frank Lowe (Side Two) - tenor sax

Larry Hancock (Side One) - drums

Tarus Mateen (Side One) - bass

B.J.Papa (Side One) - piano

Gary Strauss (Side One) - trumpet

Michael Marcus (Side One) - saxello

Vince Wallace (Side One) - tenor sax

John Handy III (Side One) - alto sax

Bishop Norman Williams (Side One) - alto sax

James Carter (Side Two) - tenor sax