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 Title:               Interweaving (LP)

 By:                  Alexander von Schlippenbach / Dag Magnus Narvesen

​ Released:       2018

 Format:          LP (limited edition 180 Gram Vinyl)

 Catalog No:    MW 958-1

 EAN:               5906395187188

 Price:             30 EUR

Interweaving by Alexander von Schlippenbach & Dag Magnus Narvesen vinyl album cover


Side A:
1. Step-Offs
2. Banging the Barrel
3. Catch Up

Side B:
1. Hard-Nosed
2. String Out
3. Interweaving / Evidence



Alexander von Schlippenbach - grand piano
Dag Magnus Narvesen – drums


by Roy Carroll on the 21st of July 2016 in Studioboerne, Berlin, Germany

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