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 Title:               Free Within The Law

 By:                  The Cosmosamatics

 Released in:   2008

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 79-2

 Price :             12 EUR


1. Free Within The Law [06:00]

2. Afro Funk [10:24]

3. Janet's Moods [07:30]

4. May-Lee-High-Young (Beautiful Ocean) [09:19]

5. Morning Daffodil (live) [10:34]

6. Ginger Root (live) [01:01]

7. The Polish Rally (live) [05:00]



Sonny Simmons - alto sax, English horn

Michael Marcus - tenor sax, Bb clarinet

Peter Herbert - bass

Art Lewis - drums


at Alchemia, Krakow, Poland on October 3, 2006 


What the critics say:

This is the 8th disc by the great Cosmosamatics and this version of the band features Sonny Simmons on alto sax & English horn, Michael Marcus on tenor sax & Bb clarinet, Peter Herbert on contrabass and Art Lewis on drums. 'Free Within the Law' features seven pieces, written by either co-leader, Sonny Simmons or Michael Marcus. It was recorded both in the studio and live in Krakow, Poland in October of 2006. Each disc by the Cosmosamatics has featured a different rhythm section and each one has been great in similar/different ways. One of the things that makes this one special is the appearance of Peter Herbert, one of the under-recognized contrabassists who makes consistently superb solo, duo and bass ensemble discs. The first thing we hear on this disc is an eruption of bowed bass and powerful drums. When the two saxes come in, we enter free/jazz heaven with an explosion of wailing spirits. The next piece is Sonny's "Afro Funk" and it couldn't be more different. It does have a sly somewhat funky groove with a great blend of English horn (oboe-like) and clarinet. Both reed players take great, laid back solos together and apart. The vibe is a sort of middle-eastern one. "Janet's Moods" features some strong yet bent harmonies for the reeds and poignant solos for the alto sax and tenor sax with Peter strumming his bass sublimely behind them. You can tell that Sonny and Michael have been playing, touring and recording, for quite a while since there is a special magic that bonds their playing, a sympathetic vibration that blends the sound of both of their reeds into a perfect combination of inspired spirits. They often solo simultaneously, yet never get in each others way. Michael's "Morning Daffodil" has a lovely melody and is a most touching ballad-like song with a wonderful, Trane-like tenor solo by Michael. This great disc ends with another intense, fast and furious freer piece called "The Polish Rally," that brings this release to a masterful conclusion. It doesn't get much better than this! 


(BLG, Downtown Music Gallery)

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