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 Title:               Zetrons

 By:                  The Cosmosamatics

 Released in:   2005

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 764-2

 Price :             12 EUR



1. Crossroads Out! [09:54]

2. Road Dogg [07:41]

3. Mingus Mangus [11:32]

4. Serene [05:38]

5. Shining Winds [06:38]

6. Harmonious Beautious [07:02]

7. Dance Of The Zetrons [08:52]

8. 12 Seasons Of Love [08:36]



Sonny Simmons - alto sax, English horn

Michael Marcus - tenor sax, Bb clarinet

Masa Kamaguchi - bass

Jay Rosen - drums




"Zetrons" the newest recording by the Cosmosamatics that you are now listening to, represents our story in the new millennium of American Jazz/Improvised Music. Among the musical tales you will experience, Dance of the Zetrons (title cut) represents a dance that is universal throughout the universe. Road Doggs is about the struggle and the strength of a band traveling on the iron horses (trains) in Europe. We also pay tribute here to the great Eric Dolphy and do a rendition of his classical composition, Serene. And of course, the beauty of Sonny’s tribute to Mingus with his suite: Mingus Mangus. We are a “band” – which is rare in Jazz these days. Sonny and I have been collaborating for years to keep the tradition alive of being a bind (like these great groups: “Modern Jazz Quartet” – “Art Ensemble of Chicago” – “World Saxophone Quartet”, etc.) We are a group of improvisers, bringing a message of peace and healing love for all, through sound & soul. 


(Michael Marcus)




The Cosmosamatics began life as a avant-garde jazz troupe, an unusual collection of jazz musicians that includes saxophonists Sonny Simmons and Michael Marcus. It was these two musicians that decided to bring life to the group, drafting in their favorite collaborators as they crafted their highly unique brand of jazz. 


(Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide)




Against all odds and likely thanks to the good taste of European jazz fans (these live tracks are taken from performances in Krakow, Amsterdam and Vienna), veteran altoist Sonny Simmons and reedist Michael Marcus have managed to keep the Cosmosamatics together as a working band for the past five years, Zetrons being their seventh CD release. The leaders have never been more in sync and the quartet has never been funkier or tighter. "12 Seasons of Love is a lush ballad and Simmons' tenderness manages to be surpassed by Marcus, whose tone on tenor seems to have deepened in recent years. On "Crossroads Out , the pair weaves in between each other, Marcus' clarinet and Simmons' English horn swirling and circling Masa Kamaguchi's bass line and Jay Rosen's drums. "Mingus Mangus is an orchestrated lament that contrasts sorrow and joy as Simmons slows to a blues and Marcus takes over with effusive swing.


(Jeff Stockton, AllAboutJazz)

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Cosmosamatics – Zetrons

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