Title:               Natural disorder

 By:                  Rob Brown / Daniel Levin

 Released in:   2010

 Format:          CD

 Catalog No:    MW 844-2

 Price :             12 EUR


1. on the balance

2. put up or shut up

3. dot-dash

4. skywriting

5. bending

6. setting off

7. briar patch

8. terra plane

9. pensive reach



Rob Brown - alto sax

Daniel Levin - cello



Recorded November 18, 2008 by Ben Young at WKCR - Columbia University, New York, NY




Featuring Rob Brown on alto sax and Daniel Levin on cello. This set was recorded in November of 2008 for WKCR at Columbia University in NYC...At times they take things out, yet never very far from each other's respective grasp, sometimes spiraling together in layers of tight lines. I've yet to hear this duo play live, but look forward to any chance I get on the evidence of this amazing disc.


(Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery)